Shopping Center

The Keauhou Shopping Center

is a five-minute walk up the hill from the condo complex and has just about every convenience you'll need. There is a very good grocery store, the KTA, which has everything you'd expect from a good supermarket, including freshly caught local fish, locally grown produce, and a fair selection of beer and wine. There is also an extensive selection of Asian foods and delicacies. Although this store is not as big as the Safeway in Kailua, we find that both the fish and produce are better at the KTA, so we rarely go into town for food. The Keauhou Shopping Center also has several restaurants, including a good Thai place, a fairly expensive Japanese restaurant, as well as a good pizza place and a sports bar. There's an eight-screen movie theatre in the shopping center that shows first-run movies. There is also a drug store and post office.