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Kahalu'u Beach

. Within minutes of the Surf & Racquet Club are so many amenities and conveniences that you may find little need to leave the neighborhood. A 10-minute walk north on Ali'i Drive takes you to Kahalu'u Beach Park, the best snorkel beach on the Kona Coast. Although the beach is not particularly picturesque, it provides easy access to the water. This protected bay always boasts extraordinary populations of tropical fish, including butterfly fish, large rainbow-colored parrotfish, several varieties of wrasses, yellow tangs, Moorish idols, and puffers, among others. As you swim over the coral reefs of Kahalu'u Bay, you're sure to spot the state fish of Hawaii, whose name also happens to be the longest word in Hawaiian - humuhumunukunukuapua'a. The bay is also frequented by honu, green sea turtles that feed on the algae and bask on the beach. The facilities at Kahalu'u Beach Park include showers, restrooms, some picnic tables, a snack van, and boogie board and snorkel set rentals.